Refugee Action Kingston has 2 counsellors working Monday and Thursday.

Appointments are only available to clients registered with RAK. For more information please telephone 020 8547 0115 or speak to a member of staff.

Our counselling service is listed on the Kingston Counselling Directory. Find out more here Counselling directory 2018

 The impact of our service on one of our clients

"I would like to put a few words about the tremendous help I got that saved my life and soul through continuous counselling from Teresa Hope. Migration has a horrific impact on human life and it is a blessing to get such experienced, patient and concerned women who help by removing all the horror and trauma that happened in the past. 
How amazing and interesting it is, when a person is far away from all her beloved ones and finds someone who says “we are here for you” without discrimination regarding race, ethnicity, religion, or sex. This person change lives to a healthier and happier status, they deserve a prize."