We collaborated with RBK Community Development Team, Public Health and NHS to run a Health Day for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

RAK health day NHS

The sessions promoted services around sexual health, early maternity care, access to primary care and immunisations/vaccinations.  We also included information and had professionals attend from other areas such as physical health/well being and early years services.

All 45 clients said they felt more confident to engage with local health services 

Clients attending RAK Health day

45 people attended and 39 had chest x  rays for Find & Treat.  Find&Treat are a specialist outreach team that work alongside over 200 NHS and third sector front-line services to tackle TB http://bit.ly/1wlooce

RAK Health Day - promotion boards




14:35, 03 Aug 2017 by Rupika Gunawardena