Refugee Action Kingston is recruiting volunteers

We are reliant on dedicated volunteers to help us in our mission to support refugees to successfully integrate into their local community. We achieve this by delivering a variety of outcomes for refugee and asylum-seeking families through advice, information, counselling, education, training, and employment opportunities.

Whether you’re helping in our office, in the Learning Centre or working one-to-one, your support can have a powerful and long lasting impact.

We are recruiting for new exciting opportunities in our IAG & Employment Service.  

The IAG & Employment Service works with young people and adults to build confidence & employability skills. If you are interested in supporting this work, we are waiting to hear from you.  

To become a volunteer at RAK you will need to fill in an application form. Once we have progressed your application, we will invite you for an interview.   We will ask you to complete RAK Volunteer Training before starting your role.


Current vacancies

 Volunteer interpreter photo

"Based on various life experiences in the UK and Korea, I provide interpreting services to North Korean defectors whose English is limited.

As the atmosphere here is very friendly, I really enjoy working and volunteering at RAK.

All staff at RAK work really hard and show infinite patience to clients who are mostly desperate due to their difficult situations.

Volunteering nourishes me a healthy boost, self-confidence and life satisfaction.

Accordingly, dedicating spare time as a volunteer helps people in need and myself as well"


Jongnmoon Ko, Volunteer Interpreter



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